When a person passes away we understand that it can be a distressing and confusing time. Taylor Stratmann Lawyers can handle your Probate needs with sensitivity and respect to ensure your loved one’s estate is managed appropriately.

When a person passes away generally either letters of administration or a grant of probate must be obtained. A grant of probate is the approval by the probate division of the Supreme Court that the Will may be relied upon to distribute the deceased person’s assets.

Where there is no Will, or a Will is executed but does not appoint an executor, letters of administration must be obtained before the estate of the deceased may be administered.

A grant of probate or letters of administration is essential to enable the personal representative to obtain title to the deceased’s property and then to collect, administer and protect it for the benefit of those interested in the estate.

At Taylor Stratmann Lawyers we can assist you with all aspects of managing a deceased estate. For further information and assistance contact Mallory Fitzsimmons, our experienced Probate Paralegal.