The firm’s pedigree can be traced to the amalgamation of two very successful Western District Firms that began in the 1920’s, ‘Cameron & Lowenstern’ and ‘Westacott Lord and Hull’.

The summary below charts the various manifestations of the firm that have brought it to its current identity:


  • Ewan Carlisle Cameron and Ronald Isaac Lowenstern began the firm in 1928.
  • Mr Cameron passed away in 1950 and Mr Lowenstern continued to run the practice.
  • Mr Robert Hunter became a partner in 1960.
  • During the 60’s and 70’s the firm had a number of other partners:
    • Patrick O’Donoghue
    • Jeffery Hogg
    • William (Bill) Hardman
    • Richard Hunter Smith (now a Judge in the Victorian County Court)
    • Peter Lowenstern
    • In addition, in the late 1940’s Mr Cameron’s son, Oliver Cameron, also returned to the district to run the firm of Sylvester & Sylvester in Casterton. Sylvester and Sylvester merged with Cameron & Lowenstern in the late 1970’s continuing the Cameron’s long history with the firm.


  • Westacott Lord & Hull operated in Hamilton since the 1920’s.
  • Mr Brian Newns became a partner of Westacott Lord and Hull in 1961.
  • The practice subsequently became Hull Newns & Ballantyne and then Hull Newns & Co.
  • Geoff Simpson worked as a partner with Hull Newns & Co.


  • Hunter Newns and Cornish began in 1984 with the merger of Cameron & Lowernstern and Hull Newns and Co.
  • The firm became known as Hunter Newns and Howman in the mid 1990’s after Peter Cornish resigned.
  • Then, Hunter Newns in the year 2000 after Pat Howman returned to sole practice in Portland.
  • Mr Newns retired from the firm in 2003 and sadly passed away in 2011.
  • Robert Hunter retired from the firm in 2007 after 49 years of service.


  • Hunter Newns changed its name to Stratmann & Co on 1 July 2012 when it became an incorporated legal practice conducted by Director Mark Stratmann.
  • Mark Stratmann was appointed as Magistrate to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria on 6 November 2013 and from that date, the firm was under the directorship of lawyers Tim Hallam and Stephen Byrne.


  • Adam Taylor purchased the firm in January 2015.
  • Adam Taylor has renewed the firm’s commitment by giving its Hamilton and greater south western clients the highest possible service and expertise in all matters of law.
  • Most recently, Employment Law and Estate Planning have been added to the services offered by the firm.