Our experienced legal team offer a full range of legal services related to the buying & selling of real estate, property law and conveyancing. Be accurately informed about the purchasing process and the potential complications and consequences of buying and selling properties, subdivisions and all your property acquisitions.

Buying and Selling a property is one of the largest decisions many of us make in our lifetime. It is important to be properly informed of your rights and responsibilities in order to avoid underlying complications in the sale or purchase of your property. At Taylor Stratmann Lawyers we have an experienced and well trained Property and Conveyancing team headed by the Director and Principal Solicitor of the firm. On the surface, buying and selling may appear straightforward but being ill-informed or poorly represented can be costly and time consuming. Let Taylor Stratmann Lawyers handle your next purchase. Choosing Taylor Stratmann Lawyers for your next property transfer will ensure you will have a legal team of professionals that will keep you informed and represent your best interests.

Examples of transactions we can assist you with:

  • Sale and purchase of homes, farms, commercial property, investment properties
  • Subdivisions
  • Property trusts
  • Mortgage documents
  • Contracts of sale
  • Section 32 Vendor Statements
  • Electronic conveyancing

We endeavour to learn our clients’ needs and deliver a quality service at a fair price. We assist with projects ranging from re-aligning the backyard boundary fence to multi-million dollar acquisitions or developments. Whether you are an owner, purchaser, landlord, tenant, investor or developer, we have the expertise to provide the advice required to achieve the result you desire. Many of our clients have been with the firm for several generations.

This department is headed by our Director and Principal Solicitor, Adam Taylor, an experienced property lawyer.

Make an appointment to meet with Adam or one of our qualified conveyancing team members to discuss how we can assist you and deliver your desired outcome.